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About Our Services

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James A. Kennedy, MD provides consultations and documentation to support his systematic approach to Psychiatric Treatment Planning. This approach was first published in FUNDAMENTALS OF PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT PLANNING, by James A. Kennedy, MD, American Psychiatric Press, 1992. This approach uses a categorization system from the Kennedy Axis V (K Axis) that collapses the world of psychiatric problems down to seven categories:

1) Psychological Impairment
2) Social Skills
3) Violence
4) ADL-Occupational Skills
5) Substance Abuse
6) Medical Impairment
7) Ancillary Impairment

In addition to Treatment Planning, the K Axis can also be used for measuring baseline function and tracking change in that functioning.

About our staff
James A. Kennedy, MD is the founder of KennedyMD Consulting and the Author of the K Axis questionnaire, Mastering the Kennedy Axis V, A New Psychiatric Assessment on Patient Functioning (2003), and Fundamentals of Psychiatric Treatment Planning, Second Edition (2003).

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